Tuesday, May 13, 2014


 The boys and I have been having Otter Pops after our walk or ride home from school.  Yumm!

 Kin likes the blue the best and Duke really doesn't care.
This was taken after Mother's Day.  Duke was tuckered out and had a bit of sunburn!  

 This was taken on Saturday.  I was working at Bib Pick up for the Triathlon.  The boys hung out in the back of the car watching shows.  They did help a bit, but it was a long day for everyone!
A new favorite of mine - the boys and Nam were watching and acting out a new Monster Fish Episode about the Walago Catfish.  Look it up - crazy big fish.

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Anonymous said...

I love and look forward to pictures. Love the one of Trudy in the chair with the sun shining on her and the boys. They are blessed to have such an amazing woman so close! xoxo tga

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