Thursday, May 1, 2014

Meadow Lake Paddle

A friend had a crazy idea to raft this pond near our Friday forest.  It is only there for a while as it is from snow melt.  If there is a lot of rain, it might pool for a bit but never like this!  So, we blew up the rafts at the car and headed down the trail.

 It was pretty comical to say the least.  I think that we are the first people to ever raft on this meadow.
We had a great time paddling around.  There were two moose chomping near the edges, some pufflehead ducks flew by and Maude and Claude our mallard friends.

 Here is one munching moose.
 Duke kept out a constant eye for fish - none were spotted.
It was an amazingly beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

How nice to have a crazy friend to do wild and wonderful things with.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Looks like a day well spent!! Nothing like sunshine to make the day special!! tga

Anonymous said...

Did you make May Day packages? tga

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