Thursday, May 22, 2014


 Field Day!  I used to love this day at school.  Kincaid had such a great time and they upped it a notch from when I was there with three bouncy houses!  Kincaid's teacher was so great that she said Duke could come too.  He didn't get to do everything and waited so patiently. 

He even got to say hello to the baby duckling in Kin's class.  Such a sweet little duckling and the teacher was so smart to have the kiddos hold it in a little bag.

 Aunt Kory came this evening too!  She brought a shirt for Duke and a new homesuit for Kin - the pants actually are zip off.  So fabulous!!!


Anonymous said...

The last picture is my favorite! The boys look so darn happy.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures - what a story they always tell. We will be heading over to Montana today - not sure if we will have connections or not. xoxo tga

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