Friday, August 22, 2014

A day.

 Kincaid met his teacher.  She seems really nice and Kincaid loves her hair (it is has blue, purple and turquoise in it).  This is the supply list - rather extensive don't you think?
 After his meeting and testing, he got some snuggles from Pepper.
 The kids played outside with her - she LOVES to lay on the hot tub in the sun. 
 Kincaid did some fly tying as he drank Chai.  Rather sophisticated...
Another biking session...

 Since it was still sunny, we ended the day with some running through the sprinkler. 
The pup even had some fun!  Busy day!  I even canned some Syrup (it was supposed to be jelly, but well, it didn't gel).  I made some pizza and sauce too.  Whew!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of a great day!

Your mom

Anonymous said...

What lucky boys to have such an amazing life! Love the great pictures - they tell the story! Thanks for sharing! tga

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