Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekend Review

 We had a dinner picnic with our friends.  The kids played and played and played into the evening.  They were so exhausted!

 Kincaid and I went to find a geocache.  It was a gorgeous Fall Day with yellow leaves and sunshine.  We did happen upon a large scattering of bones.  I did forget my bear spray and just kept talking REALLY loudly.  Urg.

We took a little bike ride to the Tudor Bridge.  The boys made it the whole way there and back (with a large amount of whining...)

Then, Sunday we did some orienteering.  Instead of doing the easiest course, we opted to go one level up to the Yellow Level.  The boys were amazing - did the entire thing with NO complaining.  Lots of bribery was used, but they were so strong and didn't give up even when we had to follow my trail of swamp and muck. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for not mentioning that I was the only one who stepped in the impassible swamp and got guck up to my knee.

Your mom

PS It was great fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - looks like so much fun. xoxo tga

Anonymous said...

Oh no impassible swamps!

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