Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Monday, Monday.

Just some pictures from Forest School today.  Mondays are busy with walking Kin to school and then heading off for Forest School and we stayed until about 12:45 this time.  Duke's toes got cold (silly mom didn't force the wool sock issue) and wanted to leave, but I found some toe warmers and he got distracted by the fish in the river.  All of those deep red streaks are big salmon.  The kids loved it.

They helped make a sort of color wheel with things in nature and then the circle of life happened upon the shore.  They were very interested in the dying salmon and we talked about how it makes food for other others and then it got a second wind and righted itself.   Duke then stayed for about an hour more.  Then, we came home and ate lunch with a little relaxing before picking up Kin from school.  Then, dinner and then the PTA meeting.  I am so domestic!

Kincaid wanted me to write:  A life cycle of Salmon is a special pattern that goes like this - egg, alvein, fry, smolt, adult salmon, and spawning salmon.  If you see a red splotch in the river, that means you see a Salmon.  If it is in a river where you can net Salmon and your home is close, go to your parents and ask if you could catch a Salmon.  Tell them, "Mom, Dad there is a Salmon in the river."

Duke wanted me to write: "Be good to the Salmon Streams."


Anonymous said...

I love the boys messages and that they know a lot more about salmon than I do.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Heading south in the morning - will have to catch up with you when we get there. xoxox


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