Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tired Tuesday

 Whirlwind Tuesday again!  Skedaddle and we left early as Duke got cold and wasn't having much fun.  He joined me on a short meeting and then he wanted to find a geocache.  We found 4 and then I had to piggyback him through the woods to find our car.  We came home and he raked for about an hour.  We picked up Kin and they played outside.  Kincaid is making a list as he is going to be an "observe-ologist" when he grows up.  Then, Pepper came in and curled up with her favorite thing.  The heater.
 They did more raking.

Duke did some leaf jumping.
Then, as we are crazy, biked to East for the Tuesday night races, did the race and rode back.  The mountains were beautiful though!  It was CHILLY though!

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Anonymous said...

It was a cold bike back--almost as if someone turned off the heat and light when the sun went down. The boys were troopers, though!

Your mom

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