Monday, December 14, 2015


 First,  I present a boy super happy to have his first school picture taken in his wolf shirt.  This picture makes me laugh out loud whenever I see it.  I can totally see the camera man saying, "Give me a big smile, really big!" and then this beauty was snapped. I love it.  I love it so much it will probably be seen on his high school graduation announcement.
 The kids wanted to go ice fishing and then changed to ice skating.  I got Kin out on the ice and turned to Duke who cried, said he was cold and refused to leave the car, no matter my coaxing and bribing.  I hope he isn't getting sick as it was very unlike him.  Kin is in the red coat in the middle of the picture. 
 Here is Duke only rolling down the window a bit so not to let out the heat. 
He recovered and the boys had a wonderful battle with the nerf guns Bop got Duke (and Kin) for Duke's birthday.  They did this game for a while and then did some target practice which kept getting smaller and smaller, ending up by trying to knock over a lego man (which they did a number of times).

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That is the best school picture period.


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