Monday, December 7, 2015


 Duke got stitches over the weekend (five to be exact).  He was with his dad and got hit from behind by a sledder apparently.  His statement after they were done was, "That was fun!". 
 On Sunday, I went for a run and it was 12 degrees.  I kept looking at Pepper to see if she was cold, but I didn't see any indication.   You can see Denali on the horizon.  It was shining a beautiful pink, but pictures don't do it justice.
This was about 3 in the afternoon and looks rather like sunset.  The sun has trouble getting very high this time of year!  There was actually a little bit of a rainbow due to a frozen fog in the air at one point.  My phone was not amused by the temperature though...

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Coleens Recipes said...

Duke will remember his "sledding badge" fondly in years to come. Usually, "beauties" this this one come a day or two before school pictures, or at least it did with our boys.

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