Friday, July 31, 2009

My mom is feeling a bit under the weather so I am blogging. Mom didn't get off the couch much yesterday, but I did some exciting things. I rearranged the lower items in the pantry, I helped the dogs eat by taking the dog food out of the bowls for them, I pulled items out of the bathroom drawers so my mom can sort them and I learned to clap. My hands don't make much sound right now, but they should in no time at all. I also took a walk with my grandparents and all the dogs - it was a bit crazy, but that is how I roll. Have a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

Huck - what a great helper you are. I am sorry to hear your Mom isn't feeling well. I hope today is better for her. Keep up the good work. Give your Mom a hug for me. tga

Anonymous said...

Hi Kincaid!

Josie here - my mom says to tell your mom to get better soon! We are thinkin of ya!

Coleen's Recipes said...

"that's how I roll"...hilarious.

Anonymous said...

By golly, when you zoom in you can see he actually has hair!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kincaid:
You are getting to be such a big boy. Next Friday you will be one year old and I see you sre growing a nice head of hair. You're so smart, continue to help you mommy.
Love GG Calder

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