Monday, August 3, 2009

It was a beautiful Sunday and we picked up great grandpa for some fishing on the Little Susitna River. Huck tolerated the boat ride down the river - he had to adjust to the wind blowing, he quickly learned to squint his eyes and that if he opened his mouth it felt funny. We landed on a bank and my dad caught one straight off. Huck and my mom played with the tall grasses on the shore. Huck was getting a bit restless so my dad dropped us off across on a gravel bar where Huck could be a bit more free. My mom stripped off his pants and he walked in the water - I don't know he stood it as it was super cold! She made him come out every now and then to warm up his tootsies. I had one on, but he got away. Alas. He stayed awake for about 5 minutes of ride back in the boat and then fell asleep. The flap of his life jacket made a nice pillow! Such fun times!


Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a day well spent!! The pictures are priceless. Thanks so much. Hugs to all. tga

Anonymous said...

That water is ALWAYS frigid. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

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