Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Ready for Winter! Huck has been trying on some new winter apparel on our walks. He wore his grandpa's hat and seemed to enjoy that and also my gloves. I thought he would take them right off, but kept them on for the entire walk. He did fall asleep and was quickly removed from his cozy nest to wake up - anything to increase his night time sleeping! I just have to make the earflap / chinstrap for his hat that I am making. I love the colors and hope that he will actually wear the thing. The last hat was ripped off his head immediately after being placed there. Oh well - there are many baby heads out there needing some warmth. You can also see his new slippers in the first shot - they have dinos and are from old navy. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

He should become a hat model! He certainly looks great.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Lovely garb.

Anonymous said...

Huck looks very warm, comfortable and cozy. He has a great smile, too. tga

lanikeller said...

Love the slippers!

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