Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moose at Playgroup

This morning my little builder astounded me.  I was making breakfast and turned around to see this sight.  He put one or two more on before total structural collapse.  

We had skedaddle and Kincaid had a great time, but just not now as he is stuck in the snow. He literally was up to his waist and his wonderful mother took a picture before retrieving him.

We found one moose at the top of the sledding hill and then this pair wandered in from the other side.  They were happy enough to not be up to their body in snow and had lots of trees for munching.

Just look at the crowd at skedaddle - I think I counted about 12 parents.  It is funny how the most people seem to attend the skedaddles that have the smallest parking lots.  Strange!  It was a beautiful day though!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, all! . . . and it was nice of the moose to pose for the shot.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

Your pictures show life in Alaska is great! The boys seem to grow so fast. Thanks! tag

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhh, no Thursday blog!

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