Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dog Park Day.

Kincaid walked all the way to the dog park.  It is a long walk for little legs. 

Duke walked some of the way, but spent most of his time getting into and out of the stroller.  He did look awfully cute though.

They spent a lot of time at this spot.  They fished, splashed and threw rocks into the water.  I just was keeping an eye out for the aggressive beavers.  I saw one swimming around, but he didn't come near us. 

He was disappointed that he was "getting any bites".

He then resorted to playing in the dirt.  I love those rain pants.  They are way too big, but I can spray them with the hose and they look good as new.

I thought we ready to head for home, but found this MASSIVE puddle and mud bog.  They played here for quite a while and I was so happy that no one face planted.  It was close a few times, but they came out unscathed.  Sahale on the other hand came back closer to black than her typical white.


Anonymous said...

You are brave souls. It was super chilly out there yesterday, yet you withstood the weather to be outdoors.

Your mom

Anonymous said...

These should be adds for living in Alaska! tg

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