Friday, May 4, 2012

Fun with an aunt.

We went to the airport to get Kory.  Kincaid wrote the letters himself.  You can see them in the bottom right corner.  Yes, he is brilliant.  

Duke is more my speed and loved the yogurt at the airport.  

They love having their aunt (not the bug) here.  You can see Duke holding the boys' new favorite book - 50 Fish to Catch in your Lifetime.  I told Kincaid I would help him catch them all.  Note to self: get passports for the boys.

We took another trip to the inlet.  It was MUCH colder this time.  

Notice the hats and mittens.  Chilly.

Here is Kincaid modeling his new waterproof mitts that are way too big, but fleecy inside.

Duke enjoyed getting a new perspective on things.

We ran to the car to warm up a bit.

After deciding that we were all hungry, we stopped by Moose's Tooth (it was only 10:45 so we actually could get in easily!).

Duke did some wonderful artwork on the child's menu.

Kincaid used his knife to eat the cheese off of his pepperoni pizza.

Kory and I got to finish eating as the boys played under the table!


Anonymous said...

The boys are so blessed to have a Aunt like Kory and she is blessed to have them. I love the love in the pictures! tag

Coleens Recipes said...

What a great reunion.

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