Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sunny Days,

It was an amazing morning at skedaddle today.  It started out pretty cool, but was darn warm by the time we left.  They finally were ready after noon!  The boys loved this bouncing dinosaur with the "teeth".

Kincaid spent a bit of time near the woods looking longingly at the marshy, swampy bit of a creek.  I wouldn't allow him down there and he was so good with listening.  He did find a bit of fishing line (part of a string from a weed whacker) and I tied it onto a stick that appeased him for a bit.

They both love to swing.  Duke loves to be pushed super high and he says that he is parachuting.  

He did some fishing off of the bridge.

Then the shoes came off - I am fine with this as I too rather hate to wear shoes.

Kincaid was playing with this girl for quite a while.  Kincaid was so good when Duke wanted to play too.  Kincaid would say, "come on Duke" and "wait for my brother".  It really was super sweet.  

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Anonymous said...

Everything is so much better outdoors--especially on a warm day.

Your mom

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