Thursday, May 10, 2012


Another woman in the Anchorage Outdoor Family Network started a Wednesday group.  It is for older kids and it was wonderful.  It was so great to see Kincaid running around, playing with kids and having a wonderful time.  They played tag, a form of hide and seek and tossing items into the river.  This first picture was when we first got there.  Duke is back in the shadows.

Soon, Kincaid was climbing around with the kiddos. Duke tried, but I was carrying him by the end as he got tired and just couldn't keep up with his brother.  It was so wonderful though as Kincaid would grab his hand and say, "come on Duker".  I love that.  They can fight like mad, push and kick each other but apparently they don't want to leave the other behind!

She also brought her worm farm.  I guess they put food scraps into it and then the worms makes rich soil  More power to her, I am not into worms.  Kincaid wasn't super excited about them either.

Duke, on the other hand, was quite interested.  You can see how close he was getting.  He  held one for a while and really liked the little critters. Such a fun day!


Anonymous said...

Nice to have some older kiddos for Kin.

Anonymous said...

Kincaid did learn lots about worms, though. I know because he gave me a lesson when I got home.

Your mom

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