Tuesday, February 18, 2014

President's Day

 I was looking through old pictures and found this great shot - we have some modeling skillz...
 The boys and I before our 3 hour Valentine's Day romp.
 I took a lovely ski in the evening.  This is along campbell airstrip - it said to beware of air planes.  I felt pretty safe.
 We went to a new exhibit at the Museum called Gyre about ocean trash.  This mushing team was made from milk jugs cut into pieces.  It was pretty amazing and distressing.
 Nam and I went to see a friend get crowned the Queen regent of Fur Rondy.
As I was making pizza out of scratch (as Duke says) they taught Nam some of their yoga!

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Anonymous said...

The first picture is my favorite (and not just because I took it).

Your mom

PS The rest are great, too.

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